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Urdu; which is fast developing and taking its roots in the foreign world and is reported to be the third widely spoken and understood language in the world is unfortunately being denied its due share in India where it took birth and developed to the present day status. Urdu played an unforgettable role in the freedom struggle of India. Uncountable poets and writers belonging to all the communities contributed in its propagation and development. Urdu “mushairas” (poetic sittings) attract large gatherings throughout India and abroad which are undeniable facts of the fame of this language. In the state of Jammu & Kashmir it is the official language as per the constitution of the state. It can be said without any attribution that in J&K state this language is being treated step motherly and no efforts have been taken for its teaching in the schools in the right earnest. No sincere efforts are afoot to process that this is the official language of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
Anjuman has very ambitions, plans and intends to do, whatever is possible for the development and resurrection of this language which had in the past enjoyed the full support of one and all in this country and now is being left to find itself under tiring and difficult conditions. To achieve the aims and objectives, Anjuman appeals to all Urdu Lover’s wherever they are in the world to extend their help and support to it.
Anjuman Farogh-e-Urdu


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